FAQ Online Conference

Technical requirements

How do I register for the Online conference?

You can log in or register on our website: anwenderkonferenz.amana.de with your user name and password. As our event is exclusively intended for AMANA customers, we will check this after registration and then activate your account. Please note that your registration data from last year is no longer valid and a new registration for this year's online conference will be necessary.

How do I register for a individual workshop?

The individual lectures are provided with individual links. You can register for the respective lectures by clicking on them. In order not to miss anything, we recommend that you save the individual events in your calendar after registering.

How do I participate in a lecture?

After registering via the event link (individual links in the agenda), you will receive a confirmation email or, if the event has already started, you can participate directly. We recommend that you participate via desktop app (automatic installation upon participation) or mobile app.

If you have problems downloading the desktop app, you can participate via browser (participation via Internet Explorer is not possible). To do this, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Find the confirmation e-mail.
  2. Right-click on the "Join Webinar" button and copy the hyperlink.
  3. Add the parameter ?clientType=html5 to the end of the join URL from step 2.
  4. Copy the entire new URL with the newly added parameter.
  5. Paste the new joining URL into Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox to join via the web browser.

Do I have to decide on a workshop in advance?

No, you can follow the links on the day of the event and join directly after a short registration. Nevertheless, we are happy to welcome anyone who has already put together a personal agenda in advance.

Which platform is used?

For the Online conference, we use the tool GoTo Webinar. We recommend that you participate via desktop app (automatic installation upon participation) or mobile app. If there are any problems with downloading the desktop app, you can find a solution under the tab "How do I participate in a presentation?"

Is there a contact/­hotline during the Online conference in case something doesn't work?

General Questions

Who is allowed to participate?

All AMANA clients may participate free of charge.

Is there a maximum number of tickets for a company?

There is no limit. Every user of our products may participate in the user conference free of charge.

How much does it cost to attend?

Participation is free of charge for AMANA clients.

Will the presentations be available after the user conference?

Yes. The videos will be available on-demand at https://anwenderkonferenz.amana.de/ in the near future.

Sind die Vorträge im Anschluss an die Anwenderkonferenz abrufbar?

Ja, die Videos werden in naher Zukunft on-demand auf anwenderkonferenz.amana.de zur Verfügung gestellt.

You have questions during the AMANA User Conference?

You can reach our hotline on both days at: T +49 201 94622 777, or send us an email: anwenderkonferenz@amana.de.

I have further questions in the preparation of the Online conference. Who can I contact?

If you have further questions about the Online conference in advance, you can always contact us by mail. We will process your request as soon as possible.

Email: anwenderkonferenz@amana.de.